ST.AP, Kingston, Ont.

The SASE -Kingston team is offering the NEW LIFE course.

If you desire to bring your baptism to life, are willing to encounter Jesus as profoundly alive, are hungry to know God's love personally, are eager for your faith to grow, and are hoping to have your life renewed by the Spirit of God...  ...this is the course for you!!!!.

Come to experience the love of God the Father Almighty, and come to know something you may have never truly known!

Come and be fed physically, spiritually, emotionally.

Meet some great people and make some new friends.
Bring your bible, and be hungry and open, to be blessed by this amazingly powerful faith changing course!

The adventure begins Friday evening 09 February, 2018. 

Possibly One of THE BEST weekend investments of your time and energy you can make for 2018!

Friday Feb. 9th, to Sunday Feb.11th, 2018.

Give yourself an early St. Valentine's gift, and have this experience!

Location:  St. Mary's Parish Centre, Kingston, Ont.

Registration details, and forms for downloading, etc, are on the Calendar entry: New Life -Kingston: 09Feb.2018.

Or, you can register here:  Course Registration