"NEW LIFE" | Dartmouth, NS. 17-19 April 2020

Date:April 17, 2020


CTK SASE -Dartmouth, NS

Christ The King (CTK) parish is presenting:  "New Life -First Proclamation of the Gospel",  17-19 April 2020.

The first of the introductory SASE courses, this adventure delivers an entirely new experience of the love of God in a way you've not likely ever experienced before.

Have you ever felt unloved, unworthy, rejected...?

This course has changed the lives of countless men, women, and youth, as you will come to understand what it really means to be a beloved child of the kingdom of God. 

Registration Course fee:  $130.00 

Payable via cash, cheque, money order. Payable to: SASE Halifax. 

Location: Saint Thomas More Church, 15 Caledonia Rd, Dartmouth, NS B2X 1K7   

Bring your bible, and be prepared to be blessed in ways you haven't thought of!

Make the investment of one, short, powerful weekend; you are MORE than deserving.

Your life will be changed.



Course Director:  Martha Carrera
Course Co-ordinator: Pat Smith
Course Registrar: Carol Covey

Have Questions?  
Contact Course Co-ordinator:  Pat Smith:  902-222-7804 ;  1.pat.smith@gmail.com

Registration:  Carol Covey,  902-829-3636;  ccovey@bellaliant.net

Course registration payment (cash/cheques/money orders) may be mailed to:

Carol Covey
14 Hummingbird Drive
Lake Echo, 
Nova Scotia
B3E 1A3


-register online!   >> Select the tab: [Course Registration ] at the top of the webpage, or [CLICK HERE]