Belleville, Ont.:  YOU, yes YOU!! ....are GREATLY loved!! 

Do you KNOW that?  In the depths of your broken heart and your aching bones, do you know that you are loved?

It's true!  

Even if you don't know it, or don't believe it, it is STILL TRUE!

YOU, child of GOD, are LOVED!

Come experience what it is to be a beloved child of God the Father almighty, and a co-heir to the KIngdom through salvation offered by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you desire to bring your baptism to life, are willing to encounter Jesus as profoundly alive, are hungry to know God's love personally, are eager for your faith to grow, and are hoping to have your life renewed by the Spirit of God...  ...this is the course for you!!!!.

Come to experience the love of God the Father Almighty, and come to know something you may have never truly known!

Come and be fed: physically, spiritually, emotionally.  Meet some great people and make some new friends.

It is a short weekend investment of your time that will pay huge dividends!!

Bring your bible, and be hungry and open, to be blessed by this amazingly powerful faith changing course!!

St. Joseph's Catholic Church Parish Centre, Belleville, Ont.

Don't miss the opportunity.  Register now! 

You will be blessed!