A reflective thought from Fr. Stéphane concerning postponing the National Seminar -TITUS, scheduled May 15, 2020.


We are obviously sad not to be able to hold the National Seminar from May 15-17 2020, for the safety of everyone and in compliance with civic authorities. 

We will reschedule and look forward to do so after the pandemic is truly over. When we do hold it, it will be Titus. God willing, it will be in the same venue, and we will be stronger than ever because of this time in the desert, in our monastery of silence, physical distancing, and economic poverty. The world will want to hear the Good News of the Kerygma after hearing bad news for months and we will want to be equipped to proclaim the Greatest of all Good News: there is a new life for those who come to believe with their heart and confess with their lips that Jesus is Lord and Saviour, the bridge through His cross and resurrection to restore our broken relationship with God because of sin and to breathe into us the Holy Spirit giving us the Church as our missionary community to send us out to proclaim that Jesus is risen and therefore everyone can find in Him the hope they seek, crave and hunger.


-Fr. Stéphane Pouliot,

     National Director of SASE in Canada