The New Life course is being presented utilizing the technology of video conferencing over six consecutive Monday evenings.

This is a training course for training leaders for National Teams, utilizing new technologies to deliver the course material.

The course is targeted for those who have already taken the New Life course, and preferably have served on a service team to produce the course. It is designed to provide instruction how the course can be delivered onLine using Zoom video conferencing. As such, the format, and skill set is different than a live in room presentation.
Registrants that have never taken the New Life course, should approach attendance with an intention of serving on a service team, when called.

Course Director: Fr. Stéphane Pouliot

Course Co-ordinator: Graziella Grbac

Course Registration: Carol Covey

Preachers: Steve and Lyn Wright

> six consecutive Monday evenings:  Monday, 12 Apr.  to Monday 17May, 2021.

> 7pm to 10pm Atlantic Standard Time;  6pm to 9pm Eastern Standard Time.

Registration fee: $40 per person;  $70 per couple.

-payment: online etransfer to:    

-your MAILING address, and 911 geographical address will be needed for registration.

-Mailing address is critical as a didactics documentation package will be mailed to you to permit you to participate in the course.

DEADLINE for registration:  31Mar.

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You will be blessed!