ST.AP, Belleville, Ont.

They're putting the band back together!

REGISTRATIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED. Seats are limited. Don't wait...!

Save the last weekend in November!

The SASE team is offering the most excellent course: NEW LIFE -The first proclamation of the Gospel.

If you desire to bring your baptism to life, are willing to encounter Jesus as profoundly alive, are hungry to know God's love personally, are eager for your faith to grow, and are hoping to have your life renewed by the Spirit of God...  ...this is the course for you!

Come to EXPERIENCE the love of God the Father Almighty, and come to know something you may have never truly known!

Come and be fed physically, spiritually, emotionally. Meet some great people and make some new friends.

This is far more than a classic 'sit and listen' lecture event. This is an experience for all your senses: visual, aroma, sound, hunger, ....!  You will 'do' far more that you will 'hear'. Your heart will be moved more than your feet!

Bring your bible, and be hungry and open, to be blessed by this amazingly powerful faith changing course!


Friday 25 November through Sunday, 27 November, 2022

Location:  St. Michael the ArchAngel Parish Centre, Belleville, Ont.

Register?  [ CLICK HERE ]