Stage 1 Courses


Stage 1 Courses: Learn the Christian Life

Note: any of the first three Stage 1 courses (New Life, Emmaus, John), can be taken in any order. It is BEST if they are taken in order (1,2,3), but sometimes schedule & life do not orient themselves that way! You can take "Emmaus" before taking "New Life"; or take "John" as your very first SASE course. 

Stage 1 - Course 1: New Life

NewLifeOBJECTIVE - to experience God's salvation through a personal encounter with the risen Jesus and a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit who gives birth to live as a child of God and heir of His kingdom.

Duration:  a weekend: 6:30pm Friday to 4pm Sunday



Stage 1 - Course 2: Emmaus  -The Word of God

EmmausOBJECTIVE - to experience the journey of the 2 disciples on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus with the risen Jesus and make our hearts burn with fire for the scriptures! And then return from Emmaus to Jerusalem to announce the death and proclaim the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

Duration: a weekend:  6:30pm Friday to 4pm Sunday




 Stage 1 -Course 3: John -Formation of the Disciple

JohnOBJECTIVE -to know our role in the plan of salvation that God has entrusted to his disciples, that Jesus is establishing the Kingdom of God in the world.  To truly understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

Duration: 3.25 days (6:30pm Thursday to 4pm Sunday )



Stage 1 -Course 4: Jesus & the four Gospels -a new encounter through the Word

Jesus4GospelsAn encounter with the person of Jesus Christ from 4 different perspectives.

OBJECTIVE -to grow in knowledge and have an experience of Jesus through the eyes of the four evangelist gospel writers.

Duration: 4.25 days (6:30pm Wednesday to 4pm Sunday)



Stage 1 -Course 5: The History of Salvation -our own history

HistoryOfSalvA panoramic view of the universal plan of salvation and its development over time.

OBJECTIVE - To acquire a biblical mentality with a panoramic view of the universal plan of salvation and its development in time, discovering the history of salvation is actually our own history.

Duration: 4.25 days (6:30pm Wednesday to 4pm Sunday)


 Stage 1 -Course 6: Moses -formation of liberators

MosesDefining leadership through the character of Moses.

OBJECTIVE - define the path of the Christian community, which leads to the promised land, but also the route for the pastoral leader and liberator of all the Church. 

Moses has far more to teach us by his weaknesses than by his strength.  Come and contemplate what it is to be chosen to liberate God's people while relying on God to fulfill His promises!    

Duration: 5.25 days (6:30pm Tues. to 4pm Sunday)

Stage 1 -Course 7: Happy Are You -the path to happiness

BlessedAreYouDiscover the ways to happiness as revealed by Christ, versus the path proposed by the world. 

The wisdom of the Beatitudes is revealed in the gospels of St. Matthew and St. Luke, as well as the "woes".  

Duration: about 20hrs

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