History of Saint Andrew School of Evangelization (SASE)


(updated  17Apr..2015 10:51hrs)

Founded in 1980 in Chilpancingo, Mexico by Jose H. Prado Flores (a Catholic layman) and Bill Finke (a Pentecostal pastor) with Fathers Emiliano Tardiff and Ricardo Arganaraz from the Dominican Republic, the school sought to form evangelizers within the Catholic church.

The school took the name of the apostle St. Andrew because it expresses the mission:

"to bring 'Peters' to Jesus who serve, preach, and love the Lord more and better
than themselves (Jn. 1:41-42), being "daring witnesses of the saving message of
the Redeemer” (John Paul II, to St. Andrews School on its 20th anniversary), in
order to "foment and maintain ecclesial unity as a witness before others”
(Benedict XVI to the School of Evangelization on its 25th anniversary)."

The school developed a series of courses designed to teach about the love of God to all of His children, with a definitive Catholic teaching, that was true to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

In 1983, the school moved to Guadalajara, Mexico. Naturally, the work of the school was conducted in Spanish. There were no English language schools in North America.
From Mexico, missionary preachers were sent out, to deliver the courses in Spanish, using translators to deliver the teaching in the local language of the school hosting the course. 

January 2007: a team of members from the first Canadian school was established as the Canadian National Office encompassing French-speaking local schools that were developing. Operating by the standards of the International Office of SASE, this central coordinating team is based in Quebec City. It is named "Secrétariat de l'École d'évangélisation Saint-André" (SEESA). 

The Quebec school launched the SASE Belleville school in Feburary 2008, and thereby guided the establishment of an SASE school for English Canada.   

As English-speaking schools developed in Ontario, and Nova Scotia, the Canadian National Office of the St. Andrew School of Evangelization (CNO-SASE) kept the same website; that website is currently being revised. 
The development of this English language site was done in communion with them (CNO-SASE).  

This site (http://sase.ca) represents the Canadian National school in English.   

Currently, there are over 2,000 schools in over 63 countries, on 5 continents, sharing the same vision, methodology, strategy and training programs, evangelizing the people of God.



(Triva: the first three courses delivered to the Belleville community were delivered by preachers from Mexico; all three were translated by a Spanish fluent priest from Ontario! (( Thankyou Fr.Marcel Caron !! )).