Requesting a course 

( Updated 22Sept.2013, 14:21hrs )

Have you heard of, or witnessed the value of an SASE course, and would like to host a course and start a school at your parish?

The Process:

  1. Meet with your parish priest and explain the need and benefits of evangelizing your parish community.
  2. Utilize the [ Contact Us ] page to make a request for a course. As the national school, we can best implement the resources to assemble a team to fulfill the request.

Important elements to be aware of when hosting a course:

  1. Location: a physical place to host the course. Often a parish hall will meet the needs. We have delivered in schools; however, that option is less optimal, due to access restrictions, costs for custodial staff to be present during the weekend, etc.
  2. Participants: some willing participants (leaders) that would benefit from the course!!
    We are looking for the 'Peters', who will preach, love, and serve the Lord more, and better than ourselves. Those folks are often the natural leaders in the parish. The participants are not fully engaged in the delivery of the course content, (although they may help in certain areas), they will be learning how to do it, as they participate in the course.
  3. A co - coordinator: a local parish leader type of person, who works with the formal course co-ordinator, to be able to assist in the setup of the elements required at the local parish to host the course. This person is the principal local contact. This may include: choosing the food ministry leader; help co-ordinate any billeting resources; define a person to look after registrations, etc.
  4. A course registrar: a local parish member who can act as a registration person, who knows the people, and can be responsible to distribute registration forms, collect the names of participants; collect the course registration fees.
  5. Food ministry: someone to manage preparation and delivery of food services for the team and participants for the duration of the course. This ministry cannot be filled by a course participant as it is too busy. Providing snacks, and meals, and cleanup. This is a very important and active role during the course.

  6. Music: this is a VERY important element of the course. Is there someone in your parish that can lead worship, or that can sing, or play an instrument? Those folks are VERY important in establishing a school, and can help out during the delivery of the course content, by exercising their musical gifts. Anyone involved in this ministry would work alongside an experienced SASE music ministry leader for a given course.