(Updated: 11Mar.2013  21:35hrs)


There are three stages of development in the St.Andrew School of Evangelization.  
Each stage, has 7 courses; thus, there are 21 courses overall.

In addition, there are some auxillary courses to expand upon the evangelists development ( i.e. 'Compass').




The general guideline is to take the 1st three introductory courses: 1) New Life; 2) Emmaus; 3) John.

Upon completion of these 3 introductory courses, the participant is ready to participate as an active 'service team' member, and can contribute to a service team when hosting one of the three introductory courses.

Any of the first three courses can be taken in any order.

It is best to take them in order; but there is no 'academic prerequisite' to take "New Life" before "Emmaus"; or "Emmaus" before "John". Often schedule and life does not permit that. A participant is welcome to take "Emmaus" as their first SASE course.