About SASE

(Updated: 11Mar.2013 21:46hrs)

The St. Andrew School of Evangelization (SASE) is an international Catholic evangelization ministry.

The St. Andrew School of Evangelization is not a building, a movement, or an authority. 

It is a vision of evangelism to develop a new mindset for spiritual growth in the faith, and to be able to reproduce course experiences that train other evangelizers.

It is an international collection of people (schools), who use the same methodology, the same teaching materials, with the same vision, to evangelize the children of God.

The teaching is completely faithful to the gospel and in accordance to the teaching authority that Christ established in the Catholic church.

As an evangelization ministry, the schools deliver courses that bring the participant to a new, fuller, richer awareness of themselves as a child of God, and the relationship that God the Father is establishing with each of His beloved sons and daughters ( that would include YOU ! ), through the love of Jesus Christ. The sessions are experiential; so everything that you learn, passes through all your senses of touch, sight, sound, taste, smell, (and any other 6th or 7th senses of perception you may be blessed with !).

An SASE course is far more than losing a Saturday afternoon, sitting in an uncomfortable chair, trying to stay awake while struggling to listen to some rambling presenter babbling about the love of God and John 3:16! ( did I write that out loud! ).
A course from St. Andrew School of Evangelization is NOT that!

From the parable of the Sower & the seed ( ref. Matthew 13:22-23 ):

22The seed sown in thorns is someone who hears the word, but the worry of the world and the lure of riches choke the word and so it produces nothing.
And the seed sown in rich soil is someone who hears the word and understands it; this is the one who yields a harvest and produces now a hundredfold, now sixty, now thirty.'

If you think your faith might be 'stalled', and not growing.... ...that it might be getting choked by the worries of the day.....  
If you feel that you really do want to increase your 
faith, and your love of Christ as a beloved disciple, then you could benefit greatly from the experiences learned by taking a course presented by the St. Andrew School of Evangelization. 

In the words of Christ himself: "Come and see"  (ref. Jn1:39).

You will be amazed!