v.  e·van·gel·ized, e·van·gel·iz·ing, e·van·gel·iz·es


  1. To preach the gospel
  2. To convert to Christianity.

v.intr.:  To preach the gospel.



Well put into that context, then it makes sense and doesn't even sound that bad!!!

However, if you hold a 'memory' about that term 'evangelization', that invokes feelings and images that are similar to the following:

  • immediate desire to turn off the TV and go outside, or at least turn the channel to the Lawn Bowling Network.
  • uncomfortable feelings of fire and brimstone preaching. 
  • well dressed men surrounding a well dressed fire and brimstone preacher.
  • a crying televangelist pleading for a 'special love gift' of only $100.00.

If you have mental images of that when you hear the word 'evagelization', be at ease!

The St. Andrew School of Evangelization will not generate any of those images !

From the words of the Vatican II document "Ad Gentes":

"The whole Church is missionary, and the work of evangelization
is a basic duty of the People of God” (EN 59).

 'A basic duty of the People of God'; we are called to proclaim the gospel, to evangelize. 

It is not a bad thing; it is a very good thing!

However, that word, 'evangelization',  may have been given a bad connotation in days gone by.

A course from the St. Andrew School of Evangelization will wash away all those views about that word.

Don't be turned off; you will be amazed!